Ashiq Abu's 'Mayanadi', N Prabhakaran's 'Kulipathalam' win Padmarajan awards

Ashiq Abu’s ‘Mayanadi’, N Prabhakaran’s ‘Kulipathalam’ win Padmarajan awards

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Ashiq Abu’s film ‘Mayanadi’ and N Prabhakaran’s short story ‘Kulipathalam’ won the Padmarajan award 2017 for the best film and short story respectively. The awards will be presented on May 23 in Thiruvananthapuram.Noted writer N Prabhakaran won the Padmarajan short story award for 2017 for his work ‘Kulipathalam’. The story was chosen for the award by a jury chaired KR Meera with GR Indugopan and B Babu Prasad as members. The award carries a cash price of Rs 10000 and a plaque.

The Padmarajan award for the best film was won by ‘Mayanadi’, written by Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Nair and directed by Ashiq Abu. The director of the movie will get Rs 20000 and plaque while the scriptwriter will get Rs 10000 and a plaque. The film was chosen for the award by a jury consisting of Baiju Chandran, Jalaja and chaired by director Ramachandrababu.

The awards will be presented at a function to be held at Ganesham auditorium, Thycadu on May 23 at 6.45 pm. The film ‘Mayanadi’ will be screened after the function.The awards were announced at a press briefing attended by Padmarajan Trust chairman Gandhimathi Balan, jury chairpersons Ramachandrababu, KR Meera, jury members Baiju Chandran, Jalaja, Trust officials Babu Prasad, Radhalakshmi Padmarajan and Sarathchandran

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