Director Vidhu Vincent Quits Women in Cinema Collective (WCC)

Director Vidhu Vincent Quits Women in Cinema Collective (WCC);says there is elitism & Double standards in WCC

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Famous Malayalam director and one of the founder members of women in cinema collective Vidhu Vincent quit the organization. In a Facebook post, Vidhu Vincent revealed that she decided to end her association with WCC in which there are serious charges against some of its members.The issues begin with the work of Vidhus film stand up, because b Unnikrishnan produced the movie along with Anto Joseph. B Unnikrishnan had directed Dileep’s Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel, which came out while the actor was facing charges in the actress molestation case. For that reason, WCC initiated a showcase notice against Vidhu Vincent. During the post-production works of Stand Up Vidhu came to know that WCC was not happy with B Unnikrishnan becoming one of the producers of the movie.

Vidhu explains how she struggled to find a producer for Stand Up. The director says that she had given the script to Parvathy but she didn’t even reply to her.Vidhu says that B Unnikrishnan is the leader of the trade union in the film industry and many of the members from the organization have sought his help in various issues. So why only she is singled out, she asks? , she questioned did anyone ask an explanation from Parvathy when she acted in Uyare with Siddique, a permanent supporter of Dileep.did they ask an explanation from Remya Nambeeshan for the digital intermediate work of Dileep’s Kodathi Samaksham Balan vakeel is done by Remy’s brother’s studio, she asks?. did they opt out the director cum actor Ranjith from their movies, an active supporter of Dileep, she asks?.she claims there are no such issues discussed in wcc .

“I have felt that there is elitism in WCC from the beginning. Some of the members have even talked about it as well. There is a difference that is felt between the founding members and the rest,” says Vidhu.

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